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Know the scope of the event you are organising and its start / finish times. Allow time to put up and pull down the equipment.

If possible, have a running order ready well ahead of the event or performance. Consider factors like providing time for a soundcheck and rehearsal, and what time you want the venue doors to open to allow your guests or audience in.


Lighting is critical to the success of any event or performance. Spend some time thinking about how you would like your stage or room to look. Photographs or videos of other events are often useful ways to communicate your ideas to production staff.We will always have our own opinions and ideas about lighting design, but we are happy to hear yours as well!


A bit of smoke or haze is important to bring out the full effect of a light show, but should be used with restraint.Smoke is not toxic, but many entertainers, especially singers, object to too much smoke due to the effect it has on their vocal chords.
If you are using a smoke machine, make sure that the venue smoke detectors are isolated.
PLEASE NOTE All venues now require a Fire Warden to be on site if fire detectors are to disabled due to the use of smoke machines and or Pyrotechnics, this is an additional cost and it is a good idea to point this out to your clients prior to the event.


Make sure the total power consumption of your equipment is less than the available amperage of the power supply.


All leads that run along the floor should be taped down.
Use Cable Trays where ever possible, this is a very safe and neat way to cover your cables, Work Cover Australia will love you for it.


When using a strobe light only run it for short bursts of less than 15 seconds.


Bubble machines are a real winner but can make wooden floors Very slippery.


When using equipment stands, use sand bags or Shot bags to weigh down the base.

Test Tags

Make sure all power leads are Tagged every 3 months as a minimum, if you are unsure of Tagging requirements contact ALIA at www.alia.com.au

Site Lines

Make sure your stage site lines are always clear avoid at all cost the placement of speakers and lighting on stage as this will compromise guest site lines to stage and any vision media being used, your event client and guests will appreciate you going the extra mile to achieve a neat and clear presentation area.

Sound Check

Insure Audio system Sound checks are kept to a minimum during corporate events and keep speaker feed back to a minimum.

Your clients will appreciate this courtesy