The success of your event depends on more than lighting and sound – creating and defining the space is just as important. At Jazzright we have a complete range of Stages, Velvet and Chiffon Drapes, Velvet Skirting, Cycloramas, Lifting Hardware and Risers for your requirements.

Would you like to reveal a product, artist or separate a space?  Jazzright now have over 100 meters of Stage Tab Track Reveal. From a small plaque to a complete stage. We can supply a Reveal Curtain for you.


Small Stage                                        Large Stage                              Stage Solution

Jazzright_events-42               Jazzright_events-4           Jazzright_events-53


Runway Stage                              Round Stage                     White Carpet Runners

IMG_0177                            Picture 1264                               white carpet


Red Carpet Runners                                                                               Bollards

Red Carpet                               Red runner and bollards                             Bollards


Pink Carpet Runner 1.8m x 8m                                                    Drapes and Skirts

Pink carpet   pink           black-drape_velour                       Draped Guest Entry


NEW Turn-Key Stage

IMG_1579                Stage       Steps&railing     IMG_1582


Drape Lifting Hardware